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Keg Chopping

We got dangerously drunk and decided to play with power tools.  The electric angle grinder with a cutting wheel sliced right through the steel.  We used a dremel and an electric drill to de-burr the opening.  A punch set made poking the holes for valves and heating elements easy.

My only complaint is that there should be more plumbers crack.

The ear plugs are really helpful.  The steel keg reverberated with a deafening scream.  It was totally metal.

  We made the opening smaller for the hot liquor tank.  The idea is that it will help keep the heat in, and you don't need a big opening since only water goes in it.

Obligatory Trans Am shot.



It was a lot easier then I thought it would be.

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Dec 28, 2010 6:41pm [ 1 ]

With the added "Trans Am shot" and the quality of this website I think to myself, "oh, redneck beer maker doesn't know what technology is". Fix this format!

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