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The PA Scene

For dinner I had Normandy Duck Breast, which is served in a fresh apple brandy cream sauce with truffled risotto.  I also had a couple of glasses of Chianti Rufina Montesodi.  Now I am enjoying a Yuengling Lager.  That's the thing about Yuengling, it just works.  Let me explain.

I have to admit, tonight I had one of the best European specialty dining experiences in Pennsylvania this week.  A bold statement, I know, but trust me, this place was awesome.  It was made better by the fact that the chef sat down at the bar with me and talked about the culinary challenge of explaining to some customers that the modifications they are requesting are just wrong.  It only got better when I found out that the bartender was a DJ.  We talked about how Tiesto and Oakenfold are all production and hype, how Skrillex is destroying Dub Step, and the irony of Deadmau5.  After a while I noticed that the only people left in the restaurant were the chef, the bartender and his DJ friend, and myself.  We listened to a Johny Cash, Jay Z, dub step mash up over another glass of wine. 

It was time to start closing down, so I got a Yuengling for the road. (this is Pennsylvania, you can do that)  My hotel is within stumbling distance, and I wanted something to drink in my room when I listened to their music on my computer.  So, yeah, for all those times when you want to dance around in your hotel room in your tighty whities, I can't think of anything better to drink then Yuengling.

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