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I am having a better time in South Dakota then I thought I would.  It is actually quite beautiful this time of year.  It is nice and cool, the twisting and winding roads that snake through the black hills are a fun drive, and I have been experiencing the best things rural South Dakota has produced.  I am working weird cop hours, so I was on site from 8am till noon, and then we took a break until 8pm when I will work till 11pm.  Wandering around downtown Hot Springs this afternoon I ran into two of the nicest items to come out of the badlands. 

Miss South Dakota's Outstanding Teen

Crow Peak Brewing


The 11th hour IPA is all about the bittering hop.  The cute blond bartender told me it tasted like someone sprayed Lysol down your throat.  It was actually pretty good, but I thought it could have used a little more malt sweetness to balance out the insane bittering hop burn that lingered on the back of your tongue.  There is not much aroma, but what is there has a nice citrusy thing going on.  I am going to have another one tonight, but I still think it is not balanced enough to be awesome.

The Pile O' Dirt Porter was also not disappointing.  It was very drinkable, and did not suffer from the overly burnt taste that some porters tend toward.  If anything, it was a little light on the flavor, but then again, I had just finished the 100 IBU 11th hour, so my taste buds might have been singed.

Oh yeah, and they were in cans.  Weird. 

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Jul 20, 2011 7:36am [ 1 ]

If you think that 11th hour IPA was missing something - just wait until Insolent Orphan is ready! It has tremendous bitterness and a very dark malty body.

Sincerely, Nathan Rosene North Texas' Outstanding 20-something

Sep 12, 2011 6:09pm [ 2 ]

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