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Belgian beers.

We recently went on a Belgian beer tour.  It was amazing.  If you ever get the chance, contact Stu and do one of these tours.  I can not express how awesome it was!  Below is a list of all the beers we enjoyed in Belgium.  I can't guarantee the spelling of all of these beers.  I was quite drunk the entire trip.


Leffe - spring, bruin, Ruby, radieuse
Belle vie - gueuze
Rodenbach - red, grand cru
Gouden Carolus - classic, triple, ambrio, hopsinjoor, maneblusser, Lucifer, keizer rood, keizer blauw, lent bok, boscoli
Banker pils
Promise - haacht
Mystic - white
Maes - pils
Cantillon - kriek, Geuze, lambic bio, Rose de cambrinus, iris, foufoune
Gordens finest Scotch ale
Kasteel - triple, bruin, cuvee, chateau
Belgo - magus, bioloo, arbo, luppo, saisonneke
Palm - pils, Brugge triple
Triple Karmelit
Jupiler - tauro, Pils
La Trappe - white
martins pale ale
Chimay - blue
Hogarden - grand cru
Rochefort - 10
La Couffe - blond, Dobbelen, ipa, triple
Morpheus - dark
Girardin - gueuze, oud lambic
Westveleteren - 12, 8, 6, 12 cellar aged
Garre - tripple
Achel - blond, bruin, extra
3 fonteinen - oude geuze, 2009 cellar aged, Zwet, herberg tarwe
Wit goud
Grimberger - donker
Oud beersel - lambic, bersalis triple
Oud beitje
de ranke - kriek,  Lambic, noir de dottignies, XX-bitter, Saison de dottignies
Levien - tripple
Boon - geuze, mariage parfait, oude geuze,  kriek mariage parfait
Halve maan - Brugse zot, blond, Straffe hendrik double, Quad
Urthel -  hop it
Ichregem - grand cru
Pannepot - regular, 2009 reserva
Viven - imperial ipa
Saisin d'erpe mere
Westmalle - triple, Double
Gentse Stadsbrouwerij gruut - White, Blond, Brown, Triple
Klokke - roeland
Jandrain jandrenouille - saison
Domus - blond, Middle, Grand cru
Alpaoide hoegaards
Van den Bossche - Buffalo oak aged, OWA beer
Bockor - Omer traditional blond
Jandrian-Jandrenouille - IV Saison
Brasserie de la senne - brussels calling
't paenhuys - zwarte zjef
De Dockter van de Korenaar - Peated oak Embrasse
Blaugies - Saison D'Epeautre
Ellezelloise - Quintine Blond
Forrestinne - ambrosia
Troubadour - black imperial IPA
Het Alternatief - cuvee nelson, onbekend
Brouwers Verzet - Oud Bruin 2011 experimental, bottled and cask
't Pakhuis - hopjutter triple hop, mouten kop
du Lion a Plume - metisse
Gueuzerie Tilquin - oude geuze
Dubuisson - peche melbush
Huyghe - Delirium red, mongozo mango
Silly - scotch de silly
Sint Bernardus - abt 12, tokyo
Dupont - Saison Dupont
Hanssens - oude gueuze, oudbeitje, cassis experimental
Lindemans - oude gueze cuvee rene, faro
De Cam - oude geuze
Mort Subite - kriek, oude kriek oogst 2011
Timmermans - oude gueze limited edition, oude kriek limited edition
Allagash - Coolship red, coolship cerise, coolship resurgam


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The Beer Simpleton
Feb 15, 2013 10:38pm [ 1 ]

That's awesome!! Really is one of my all time top 10 trips of a lifetime, but mind if I ask the length of the tour? That's A LOT of beers lol!

Feb 22, 2013 5:16pm [ 2 ]

Pretty sure it was just an overnight trip

Wes' Brother
Jul 19, 2013 2:07pm [ 3 ]

That's a lot of beer.

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