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Round Thang Double Brown Ale


I was surprised that there were not many Clown Shoes Brown Angel clone recipes on the inter webs.  What's worse is that the ones I did find seemed to be put together by people who had never consumed a beer before.  I trust the internet for almost everything in my life, so it really hurts that it fails me time and time again when I try to use it for beer!  Anyway, I went right to the source.  This is from Clown Shoes site: 

"Brown Angel was designed to have three distinct levels: a dark brown backbone with notes of chocolate and coffee resulting from the use of 1500 pounds of Maris Otter malt, aggressive American hops (Amarillo and Columbus) provide bitterness and some citrus,  while a more delicate floral finish is achieved from the use of the classic English hop, East Kent Goldings.  This is NOT your old school brown, but rather a sexy American interpretation.  At 40IBUs and 7% Alcohol it goes down sneaky fast."  

So, with that information I put together this recipe.

In a couple of weeks we will see how it turns out!

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