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Hoppy Belgian


One morning I woke up next to a sexy strange woman I had never met before.  The thoughts racing through my mind were exactly the same ones you are having right now.  However, I had been reading about Julian Assange and I knew how much trouble surprise sex can get you in.  I decided to wake her up and find out who she was.  It turns out that she was my wife, but I didn't recognize her because she had digivolved into a hop head. 

It seems like everyone is toying with the idea of Belgian IPAs right now, and that is not what I wanted to do.  My wife wanted something hoppy and I wanted something, well, I didn't know what I wanted.  Belgian style beers are my go to, but I just can't get into these new Belgian IPAs.  *quickly hides the Flying Dog Raging Bitch behind his back*

So, back to the sexy story...  This woman was laying in my bed, covered only by hop petals that were raining down on her, and I knew what I wanted.  Balance.  Well, balance and surprise sex, but Interpol won't come after you for balance.

So, this is my hoppy Belgian.  It is not an IPA.  Technically it is a Golden Strong, but it has enough hop bitterness to balance out the sweet Belgian malty flavors and the hops complement the fruity esters of the Trappist yeast.  It's delicious.  It's digestible.  I am drinking it right now after just 2 weeks of bottle conditioning.  There is a slight alcohol zing that will dissipate with a little more time bottle conditioning, but you don't want to wait too long.  The Saaz give it a light but wonderful bouquet that is great when you drink this beer fresh.  In a week or two the balance will be perfect.


Brewing Method: Full Grain
Batch Size: 10 US Gallons
90 min mash
OG 1.070
FG 1.011

Boil Time 60 Minutes
Primary Fermentation: 2 weeks

Wyeast Trappist 3787

Grain Bill:
20 lbs. Belgian Pils
.5 lbs. Belgian Aromatic
1   lbs. Carapils
1   lbs. Belgian Cara 45

Sugar Bill:
2 lbs. cane sugar

Hop Bill:
Bittering  (60 min in hop sack)
1 oz Perle 9.2% Alpha
.5 oz Kent Golding 6.3% Alpha
Flavoring (20min)
1oz Hallertauer 5% Alpha 
.5oz Tettnager 4.4% Alpha

2 oz. Saaz 4% Alpha

Peanutbutter Bill:

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Jan 9, 2011 10:12am [ 1 ]

5 Different varieties of hops? Did you go into your fridge and see what you had left over from other brews?

Little Sister
Jan 9, 2011 5:38pm [ 2 ]

Did you take that picture with your smart phone? You need serious help man.

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