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Black Friday Night

Black Friday Night
The Violently Overly Dramatic Pale Ale
By KevinIsAwesome

I had a few days off for some holiday at the end of November.  My parents came over and we had a great big dinner.  I fried a turkey.  It was quite good. The next day, my wife and mother went to go shopping because everyone was off work and all the stores had a real big sale.  They all called it Black Friday.  Kind of racist if you ask me.

I decided to do what I usually do on my days off, brew beer.  I have several malty and spicy homebrews that I’m currently drinking, so I decided to make a hoppy beer. It was time for the return of the Overly Dramatic Rye Pale Ale.  While I was at Homebrew Headquarters picking up the yeast, I had a strange thought, what if I use a Belgian yeast?  I chose Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abby II for maximum drama.  I decided to split the brew into two and ferment half with the Wyeast 1272 American Ale II yeast for comparison.

I had an average brew day, meaning there were no major dramatic breakdowns.  My sparge arm is still broken.  I had a slightly stuck sparge.  I forgot to add the yeast nutrient.  Other than that, everything went right on schedule. 

I pitched the yeast about 5:45 pm and left it in the kitchen.  The American Ale yeast took off almost immediately.  When we went to bed, the krausen was up a bit, but nothing too exciting.  What happened that night surprised us all…
10:18 pm, the American Ale II Yeast is on the right and already starting to jive
11:31 pm.  Note how crazy the American Ale II Yeast is going.  A smart man (or sober man) would probably think to add a blow off tube at this point.

I got up about 8:00 am to get a glass of water and I found a disaster.  This was one of the very few times I didn’t use a blow off tube for a high gravity beer.  The krausen raised all the way up to the ferm lock and clogged it.  The pressure built up in the fermenter until the bung shot off, hit the ceiling, sprayed beer and yeast everywhere, and finally ended up on my couch.
The very clogged ferm lock.
The ceiling in my kitchen is 10ft tall.  I'm pretty sure the pressure reached a million. 

There was yeast and beer all around the fermenter.  The spray made it all over the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen walls.  I got up the majority of the fluids with paper towels.  I got out the steam mop for the rest.  It smelt great.  Just like fresh beer.  It was awesome.
All I wanted was a glass of water.  This is what I got.
It gets worse...

Lessons learned:  ALWAYS use a blow off tube for primary fermentation. 

Overly Dramatic Rye Pale

Brewing Method: Full Grain
Batch Size: 10.5 US Gallons
OG 1.072

Single Infusion:  Strike at 152 dropping to 142 in 60 min.

Boil Time: 70 Minutes

Grain Bill:
20lbs American 2 Row
8lbs Malted Rye
1lb Crystal 90L
1lb Crystal 60L
1lb Crystal 20L

Sugar Bill:

Hop Bill:
First Work (in hop sack)
1 oz  warrior 16.7% AA,
1 oz cascade 6.4% AA

Bittering  (60 min in hop sack)
1 oz  warrior 16.7% AA,
1 oz cascade 6.4% AA

Flavoring (5 min in hop sack)
1 oz  warrior 16.7% AA,
1 oz cascade 6.4% AA

Dry (7 days)
1 oz  warrior 16.7% AA,
1 oz cascade 6.4% AA

1oz Whirfloc 15 min

Wyeast American Ale II 1272
Wyeast Belgian Abby II 1762

Peanutbutter Bill:

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